quarta-feira, 17 de julho de 2013

A Shortstory of a Dead Samurai

      I, waiting for some kind of reply that, in the midst of that dark not much special night, would never come, stayed umoved in the wilderness of the night. Aren't there any more words left to say? - thoughts still backlashing right inside my head. Something whispered in my ears and I couldn't get too much, but the pieces of words were 'silence is within thee'. No worst creature, there, could live, I thought. What, tell me, please, for once and all, what the hell, if this hell exists, do you really want from me? - No voice came back on my ears. And I just realized a minute ago, weren't whispers but the sound of the trees. I know, I haven't been good, I thought, but what about what I not have done wrong? How could this be? Rather making greater the small mistakes; thy judgments sirve to one purpose: cursing me! strenghtening my weakness, enlarging my disappointments and turning the last parts of my bones and body into soil, that's all Earth's made of. Meaningless to shout at nothing in that dreary starless night. Although my vision tried to fail me, still Azamoto I was, and resisted against Tanatus. Focused my slightly dead eyes upon the red spots over the hills at the distance. Was it over? Dead all the samurais tonight? The values and devotion for nothing? Why? The face of my kins, friends, family, my son and wife soaked in blood and pain. And King says destiny exist? God exist? Cause and consequence. I'll proove.. but, for, Satan I sell my soul - 'yes'. Hold on, did I hear something? Splitting my head, my vitality was consumed by the open wounds and loss of too much blood. Silence devours moments, and then hours, minutes in sinking thoughts. Fallen thoughts circling the drain... Fading out, falling out of place - as a leaf soflty sliding down from the highest tree among the woods; not meant to reach the ground. Wilting, poor energy of my nature, sucked out. Were sorcerers among the Ninjas? In that night, to journey to hell I call for your fatal punishment, I shall keep thy name. My relentless soul will remain untouched, for killing intentions and ravage fury I carry with me, until the whole village's murders burn in eternal flames and last in damnation forever. The silence at the end of the valley moaned, not as silenced as I thought. It looked like a woman telling by its face, around 30; with neither charm nor scent; it showed nothing but emptiness, - but how could this be? - it was not sensual, on the contrary, it looked like an animal chasing its pray, sniffing compulsively. She came closing in, through the woods, and stared at my body, flat on the ground, like some type of suculent meat, smiled with madness style and pierced my chest with one of its hands, like a toy, while my soul was no longer mine.